Building a world that connects people to improve lives

Connecting businesses and people to millions of people who are ready to help complete tasks, jobs and errands.

Our values

To foster a constant desire to be part of a greater team to be different and make a difference

Spend time on what matters the most

Time is a luxury. We have so much on our hands - laundry, buying groceries, house chores - on top of our 9-to-5 job.

Time is your most valuable asset. And we want to create a sustainable world where time is used wisely so lives can be improved.

We created iTask as a community and platform so good people can connect to get tasks done.

We'd also want you to be able to do it at your own pace and rates - for both taskers and posters.

If you're a poster, iTask helps you save time, save money. Coming on as a tasker? You can make time for money. Either way, it's your gain.

Protecting you and giving you a sense of security.

The top on our to-do list? Aspiring to connect strangers in a risk-free environment. Here's what all of us at iTask did to ensure that:

Secured bank payment

Your bank details are kept secure and confidential under any circumstances.

Reliable customer support

We constantly improve our training system to ensure your satisfaction.

Verified manpower

We vet every tasker and reward them with a verification badge after they pass the minimum standard of service.

Letting connections happen without hassle.

iTask wants to help you save money and time. We work as a team to improve our technology so connections can be streamlined.

Send messages

Before starting a task, sort out all necessary details so the task can be executed smoothly.

Attach images

Don't let ambiguity ruin the deal. Send photos or images to have a clearer picture of the task.

Share current location

It's common to get lost in unfamiliar areas. Let your whereabouts be known with this option.

Join Our Team

Our mission is to create a world that improves lives and make a positive difference to society. We're looking for energetic individuals to make that possible.